What does the BOSS study mean for me/ my child?

The BOSS study means that your doctors will be asked to send some details about your child’s condition to the study team based at The University of Liverpool.

The information is routine information about your child’s diagnosis, x-ray findings and the treatments undertaken. No personal identifiable information will be sent to these researchers without your express consent

Some children and their parents will also be asked to give specific information to the study team about pain, activities and feelings.   This information will be important to will enable us to understand more about hip diseases in childhood which will allow us to offer better treatment for children in the future.

Patient registration

If you were newly diagnosed with Perthes’ Disease, or Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis in the UK between 4th April 2016 and 30th Sept 2017 you should have either received a letter from your surgeon inviting you to take part in the BOSS Study, or your surgeon may have already invited you to complete some forms on paper.

If you have receive a letter this will have a "Unique Access Code” that will identify you to us, and enable you to enter the study. In order to register online you will need the access code in the letter you received - please ensure you have that to hand before proceeding.

There's more information below in the downloadable information leaflets, but If you're satisfied that your questions have been answered and are happy to proceed - click the button below!

Study information leaflets

We have created some information leaflets targeted at patients of different ages, and their parents, which you can view and download to discuss with them.

Who can help me with my child's condition?

The Perthes Association is the UK charity that is supporting the Perthes element of the BOSS study. The Perthes Association has a long track record of supporting families affected by Perthes’ disease, and regularly organises meetings of families affected. The BOSS study team is very grateful to the Perthes Association for their support.

STEPS is the UK charity that is supporting the Slipped Epiphysis element of the BOSS study. STEPS has a long track record of supporting families affected by diseases of the hips. The BOSS study team is very grateful to STEPS for their support.